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Best Digital Marketing

Best Digital Marketing

Proud Sponsors of Best Digital Marketing

This award recognises the growing importance of digital marketing within the restaurant sector. The explosive growth of social media and smartphones allows your target audience to see and criticise your every move. Operating a restaurant has become as much about playing defense as it is about providing great food and atmosphere. This is why a savvy digital marketing strategy is critical to increasing revenue. A restaurant website has to be well thought out and 100% functional.

We create products that help modern fast-growing restaurants to grow digital sales.

Our story began in 2012 in Dublin around a simple idea: give ambitious restaurants the same level of technology, customer insight and revenue growth opportunities as the world’s leading brands.

Restaurants partner with us to explore new ways to leverage the digital space by adopting our revolutionary marketing tools, technology and platform.

Our focus is to help our clients big and small nurture dynamic, productive relationships with their customers “a growth engine for restaurants”.

We deliver best in class technology and data-driven marketing strategies to meet the needs of today’s connected consumers.

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