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Best Restaurant

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The origins of San Miguel tell us of a birth marked by the restless brewing of the founders, of Spanish origin, who decided to settle in Manila in 1890. After travelling halfway around the world as merchants and explorers, they set out to bring beer to Asia, beer which was already beginning to catch on with Europeans.  To brew it there, they explored their surroundings to find the best ingredients and create South-east Asia’s first beer.

Once established, their restlessness led San Miguel to share its flavour throughout Asia, trying to adapt to the tastes of each region.

It was this same interest in brewing that brought San Miguel to Spain in 1957, a true revolution in the world of beer. Driven by a restlessness for brewing and in search of quality with the best ingredients, San Miguel opted to create the first Especial beer (at that time Spain was a country where beer was of inconsistent quality and taste).

Already established in Spain, San Miguel’s restlessness, as in Asia, encouraged it to spread to Europe and Africa; always with the aim of sharing and enjoying the quality and flavour of its beer.

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