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Best Restaurant

Sponsored by Tindal Wine Merchants

We are looking for a restaurant that ticks all the boxes – exemplary customer service, wonderful atmosphere and of course, outstanding food. Nominate a place that you would recommend to anyone who wants to impress … Read More

Pub of the Year

The Pub of the Year is one that caters to all tastes – from whiskey lovers to craft beer enthusiasts. A wide selection of quality beverages should be on offer. The atmosphere should be comfortable and welcoming with that traditional … Read More

Best Casual Dining

Sponsored by Just Eat

We are on the search for the best casual dining establishment offering top quality food, great customer service and genuine hospitality. Whether its table service or order at a counter, the atmosphere should be relaxed and … Read More

Best Chef

Sponsored by Nisbets

This award represents the chef who demonstrates an immense passion for food – someone who is committed to quality and the pursuit of creative new dining experiences. The winner will introduce their diners to exciting new flavour … Read More

Best Restaurant Manager

Sponsored by AIB Merchant Services

This award recognises the individual that oversees the day to day operation of the restaurant with enthusiasm and expertise. They will be an exceptional leader for their team and will be able to handle any … Read More

Best Hotel & Guesthouse Restaurant

Sponsored by BWG Foodservice

The best hotel & guesthouse restaurant will encompass all the qualities of great hospitality – exemplary customer service, top quality food and a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. We are looking for somewhere that extends its outstanding … Read More

Best Newcomer

This award represents the best break-through establishment that has been in operation for less than 12 months (opened in/after January 2018) – offering an impressive dining experience, innovative menu and has had significant impact in the industry within a short … Read More

Best Wine Experience

This award recognises the restaurant that prides itself on its wine selection. An interesting array of wines will be on offer to cater for a wide range of wine lovers, and will be appropriate for the type of cuisine served. … Read More

Best Emerging Irish Cuisine

Sponsored by Odaios Foods

This award will go to the restaurant that displays a genuine commitment to actively influencing the future of Irish cuisine by encouraging us to try something new, while simultaneously reminding us of our heritage. The menu … Read More

Best Free From

Proudly sponsored by Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free

This award goes to the establishment offering mouth-watering ‘free from’ options within their menus – meals free from the main list of allergens* and whose presentation highlights the unique qualities of the … Read More

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